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ICIE Congress Vice-president visited ICPE

On Monday, 25 February 2013 Mr Oleg Berezovoy, ICIE Congress Vice-president visited ICPE, where he was welcomed by Acting Director General Mr Janez Podobnik and his team.


The main topic of discussion was the programme of cooperation between ICPE and ICIE in 2013, for which the basis is the Memorandum of Understanding, signed in October 2012 in Kaliningrad.

The following fields of cooperation were suggested:

1) ICIE will actively participate at the 2. Conference on Economic diplomacy and Internationalization, which will be organized by ICPE in June 2013, the tentative date being 17-18 June;

2) Active participation by Acting Director General Mr Podobnik at the ICIE Presidium, which will be held in Almaty, Kazahstan, between 27-30 March 2013. He will present some concrete ICPE programs, which could be interesting for partners of the ICIE Congress, such as waste management, hospital efficiency management, Slovenian experiences in the WTO membership;

3) Co-organizing an International Conference on Energy, together with ICIE, likely in November 2013 at Bled;

ICPE cooperation at the summer event of ICIE senior management in Croatian Istria, most probably in the beginning of June 2013;

ICPE will also prepare a new brochure regarding its activities in Russian language, which will also be presented at the meeting in Almaty.


(From left) Mr Janez Podobnik, ICPE ADG and Mr Oleg Berezovoy, Vice-president of ICIE Congress


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