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ICPE Alumni Meeting

On Thursday, 21 February 2013 a Lecture on pathway to the Knowledge Based society - opportunity for technology advanced companies, by prof dr. Igor Emri, ISIT and the first founding meeting of ICPE International MBA Alumni were held at the headquarters of the International Center.


(From left) Dr. Anton Vratuša, ICPE Honorary President, Prof. Dr. Igor Emri, Director, Institute for Sustainable Innovative Technologies, Janez Podobnik, ICPE ADG

The summary of the lecture by prof. Emri is also available online, you can download it here. Many interesting questions regarding innovative technologies were raised and the key impetus of the lecture was given to the importance of systematic approach to R&D and innovation, and the need of improvement of culture of cooperation, which is currently lacking.

The discussion between Prof. Dr. Igor Emri and MBA Alumni students

Lecture on Pathway to the Knowledge Based Society by Prof. Dr. Igor Emri

After the lecture and discussion concluded, the gathered MBA Alumni were greeted by Acting Director General Mr Janez Podobnik, who nominated Dr Pradeep Monga, UNIDO, for the first President of the ICPE Alumni Club, however due to illness Dr Monga was unable to attend. Mr Podobnik's welcome address is available here. Madame Andreja Jerina, MFA Republic of Slovenia, was appointed to the post of Vice-president and she chaired the meeting in the absence of the president. Her keynote address is available here. A speech on the benefits of ICPE MBA Alumni Club was given by the Honorary president of ICPE Council, Dr Anton Vratuša and afterwards the founding meeting took place. The discussion was fruitful and full of positive reactions towards the initiative of establishment of the club. The interest to join the club was expressed by more than 20 former MBA students and the event concluded with the proposal to meet again in March, when Dr Monga will be visiting Slovenia.





Nomination of the ICPE Alumni Club vice president, Andreja Jerina, MSc, and board members

The event was significant also because ICPE Honorary President of the Council Dr Anton Vratuša celebrated his 98th birthday. As one of the key figures in ICPE founding, since 1974 Dr Vratuša has been always deeply involved in shaping ICPE directions and activities. At this outstanding occassion, ICPE Team and esteemed guests were pleased to have him with us and as usual looking ahead and focusing to the future. As Dr Vratuša highlighted in his speech, “[…] Needs and expectations of ICPE Member States and Affiliated Members are changing. […] ICPE has fulfilled requirements and met the needs of its Member States and Affiliated Members in the 20th century. Now, the Center is working to meet their needs and requirements in the 21st century”.




ICPE MBA Alumni Club members and ICPE team

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