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Acting Director General of ICPE Mr. Janez Podobnik attended ACUNS Vienna Conference

On the 9th and 10th of January 2013, ADG Mr. Janez Podobnik visited Vienna and participated in Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS). The Conference, hosted by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), presented and elaborated challenges how to modernize OUN, adapting to the changes of the 21st century. It was mentioned that new technologies and people’s ideas outpace way of working the organization. In this respect, OUN has to be made as more nimble, more efficient and effective, transparent and accountable. The IAEA, UNIDO, CTBTO, UNODC, and UNIS presented their efforts to keep up and meet the challenges of the new Millennium to a critical audience of academics.


from left - Mr. Peter Widermann and Mr. Janez Podobnik

Accompanied with Mr. Nenad Stankovic, ICPE Representative in Vienna, Mr. Podobnik had a very fruitful meeting with Mr. Peter Widermann, Director General of the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD). From ICPMD side this meeting also attended Ms. Sabine Klinglmair, Director, General Affairs and Research, Ms. Slavka Zborovianova, Head of Unit, Member States and External Relations and Ms. Alenka Prvinsek Persoglio, Senior Policy Adviser. ICMPD is an international organization with main purpose to promote innovative, comprehensive and sustainable migration policies and to function as a service exchange mechanism for governments and organizations. The subject of discussion was how to establish partnership between two organizations and find possibility for synergy in projects and activities based on the ICPE and ICMPD programmes as well as according real needs in different regions. It was agreed to continue efforts and intensify discussion with aim to find area of possible mutual co-operation. Mr. Podobnik invited Mr. Widermann to visit ICPE in Ljubljana, which was accepted. This visit should be realized in the first half of 2013.


from left - Ms. Alenka Prvinsek Persoglio, Ms. Sabine Klinglmair, Mr. Peter Widermann, Mr. Janez Podobnik and  Mr. Nenad Stankovic

During program of visit Vienna, Mr. Podobnik met H.E. Mr. Mahmoud Hassan Elamin, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Sudan to the United Nations and other international organizations in Vienna, Dr. Yousif A. T. El Kordofani, Deputy Head of Mission of Sudan, H.E. Dr. Surood Najib, Ambassador of Iraq, H.E. Mr. Paul Robert Tiendrebeogo, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Burkina Faso to the United Nations and other international organizations in Vienna and Mr. Regie Kevin Bakyono, Second Secretary in the Embassy of Burkina Faso. The main subjects of those meetings were creating mutual programs and developing co-operation between ICPE and respected countries. During very fruitful and pragmatic discussions Mr. Podobnik underlined ICPE strong intention to develop projects and implement activities in accordance with concrete needs and requirements of the countries. Ambassadors appreciated received information and supported ICPE in efforts to establish closer co-operation with their responsible administrations.


from left - Mr. Nenad Stankovic, H.E. Mr. Mahmoud Hassan Elamin, Mr. Janez Podobnik and  Dr. Yousif A. T. El Kordofani



from left - Mr. Nenad Stankovic, H.E. Dr. Surood Najib and Mr. Janez Podobnik



from left - Mr. Nenad Stankovic, H.E. Mr. Paul Robert Tiendrebeogo, Mr. Janez Podobnik and Mr. Regie Kevin Bakyono

In the very constructive discussion, Ambassador Elamin pointed out Sudan’s needs in the field of transport and energy as well as his expectations that ICPE could be active in providing assistance in these matters. He also mentioned that Sudan as founder and former ICPE Member State will consider new membership in ICPE, which was highly appreciated by ICPE delegation. During the meeting with Ambassador of Iraq, Dr. Najib presented plan for the new investments in economy and reconstruction of his country. He underlined needs in different areas like solar energy, health, education, governance, etc. He said that his government will pay special intention to assist disable/poor people and orphan children. He also expressed expectation that ICPE could be very good hub in co-operation/connection between Iraq and Slovenia, as they are both ICPE Member States. In the meeting with Ambassador of Burkina Faso, the main discussion was how to involve Burkina Faso in ICPE project/activities planned to be implemented in the West Africa. Ambassador Tiendrebeogo appreciated received proposals for active co-operation and invited Mr. Podobnik to visit Burkina Faso. It was agreed to continue dialogue and intensify exchanging of information between ICPE and these embassies.


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