Official title:

Syrian Arab Republic


General information:
Capital: Damascus
Population: 17,5 million (July 2015 est.)
Total area: 185,180 km2
Currency: Syrian pound (SYP)
National holiday: Independence Day, 17th April (1946)
Official language: Arabic


Type of government:
Unitary dominant-party semi-presidential republic
Diplomatic and consular representative: Mr Adib Al Ashkar (Austria – Vienna)


Note: the war driven deterioration of the economy resulted in a disappearance of quality national level statistics in 2012-13.
GDP (nominal): $35,164 billion (2013 est.)
GDP (nominal) per capita: $1605 (2013 est.)
GDP (PPP): $70 billion (2013 est.)
GDP (PPP) per capita: $3,640 (2013 est.)
GDP (real growth rate): -20,6% (2014 est.)

GDP per sector:
• Agriculture 18,1%
• Industry 19%
• Services 62,9% (2014 est.)

Agriculture products: wheat, barley, cotton, lentils, chickpeas, olives, sugar beets, beef, mutton, eggs, poultry, milk
Main industries: petroleum, textiles, food processing, beverages, tobacco, phosphate rock mining, cement, oil seeds crushing, automobile assembly


Trade - Export
Exported commodities: crude oil, minerals, petroleum products, fruits and vegetables, cotton fiber, textiles, clothing, meat and live animals, wheat
Main export partners:
• Iraq 63,8%
• Saudi Arabia 11,1%
• Kuwait 7%
• United Arab Emirates 6%
• Libya 4,5% (December 2014)


Trade - Import
Imported commodities: machinery and transport equipment, electric power machinery, food and livestock, metal and metal products, chemicals and chemical products, plastics, yarn, paper
Main import partners:
• Saudi Arabia 24,5%
• United Arab Emirates 12%
• Turkey 10%
• Iran 8,9%
• Iraq 7,3% (December 2014)


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