Training Program “Sustainable Energy Solutions - Technologies, Trends and Policy Options" 18 - 26 November 2014, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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The International Center for Promotion of Enterprises (ICPE) together with the UNIDO Institute for capacity development organizes a training program on sustainable energy for current and future policymakers from emerging and developing countries which will be held on 18 - 26 November 2014 in Ljubljana. Please find the program of the training HERE.

The course aims to address some of the key issues pertaining to sustainable energy by raising awareness amongst a group of selected participants conveying an in-depth understanding of energy policy, technology and financing as planning tools for developing sustainable energy systems. It offers a dynamic mix of lecture-based and participatory teaching methods supported by guided excursions to green enterprises and research centers and is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with current and expected trends in sustainable energy solutions and provide participants with an opportunity to reflect on practical, innovative and cost effective ways to address sustainability problems within the energy industry and systems. 

For more information please find the brochure of the training here.

The program attracted the attention from a large number of professionals all around the world. UNIDO received a large number of applications, from which only 25 were approved and selected. This year’s participants are coming from the following countries: Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, Jordan, Mauritius, Morocco, Turkey, Viet Nam, Sri Lanka, Slovenia, Iran, Laos, Mynmar, Cameroon, Syria, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Namibia, Thailand, Nepal, Philipines, Korea, India.

The application procedure for the UNIDO training program is completed. ICPE wishes all the participants a lot of success, as well as newly acquired skills and knowledge.  


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