News 2010

Mr Zdravkovic participated at the International Conference on Resurgence of State Owned Enterprises in India

ICPE’s researcher Aleksandar Zdravkovic, M.Sc, participated at the International Conference entitled "Resurgence of State Owned Enterprises – The Role of Ownership Policy and Governance Systems" in India.

The International Conference on Resurgence of State Owned Enterprises was held from 10-11th December, 2010, in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. Aleksandar presented a paper  “Performance Management Systems for State Owned Enterprises” within the session Monitoring and Performance Management Systems for SOEs – Best Cases.

There were around 150 participants at the conference, including policy makers and stakeholders of governments, CEOs and senior managements of public enterprises in India, trade union leaders, officials from professional and oversight bodies, specialist in corporate governance, academics, consultants and researchers in the SOE domain, representatives of financial institution and media. Prof. Jomo Kwame Sundaram, Assistant Secretary General for Economic Development, UNDESA, inaugurated the conference.

The conference was organized by the Dept of Industries & Commerce, Government of Kerala through Public Sector Restructuring and Internal Audit Board (RIAB). Additional information about conference is available on the website

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