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ICPE and UNIDO signed a Joint Communiqué

Mr. Janez Podobnik, the Acting Director General of the International Center for Promotion of Enterprises (ICPE) paid an official visit to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) on 18 December 2013.

The Acting Director General met the Director General of UNIDO, Mr. Li Yong to discuss the potential to intensify the cooperation activities developed within the framework of the relationship agreement signed between ICPE and UNIDO on 12 May 1988. The meeting was assessed as highly fruitful, Janez Podobnik and Li Yong expressed their determination to enhance the 25 year existing cooperation between ICPE and UNIDO. In this regard a joint communiqué establishing the concrete areas of cooperation was signed between ICPE and UNIDO.


(From left): Director General of UNIDO, Mr. Li Yong and Acting Director General of ICPE, Mr. Janez Podobnik

The two directors discussed about project development and implementation in areas of interest of both organizations and agreed to give priority to practical educational approaches in the field of industrial development and technology transfer and promoting energy- and resource-efficiency together with best practice cases in industrial development. Additionally, supporting the capacity-development of the ICPE and UNIDO member states with the aim of achieving an effective industrial policy and reform together with planning, management and developing public-private partnerships in developing countries  and socially responsible management of public enterprises are also emphasized.

The meeting opened the path to the remodelling of the current cooperation between the two organizations and strengthening it in the context of the new challenges brought about by the new millenium, primarily in the area of educational and development projects by focusing also the ICPE cooperation with the UNIDO field representations in the UNIDO member-states or regional offices.

It was stressed that common endeavours will be made in the direction of organizing follow-up trainings of the positively appreciated Professional Development Programme on Sustainable Energy Solutions jointly organized by ICPE and UNID between 12-19 November 2013 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Mr. Janez Podobnik, ADG of ICPE, used the opportunity to invite Mr. Li Young, DG of UNIDO, to visit Slovenia and ICPE. He emphasized that during spring 2014 ICPE and Administration of Slovenia have planned several very important activities. In this respect, Mr. Podobnik mentioned that it would be a great pleasure if Mr. Li would be able to join. Mr. Li appreciated invitation and expressed readiness to visit Slovenia next year. Exact time and other details have to be discussed and agreed with UNIDO's protocol and Mr. Li's team.

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