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Stronger ties with Alma Mater Europaea – European Center

On 17thJuly, DG, ICPE Dr. Anand Asthana and Executive Manager, ICPE Mr. Tomaž Rogelj visited Maribor to activate the MoU signed with the European Centre of Alma Mater Europaea. Since 2012, ICPE has been cooperating with this independent higher learning institution which specialises in the provision of career-focused education in career-deficient fields of study not covered by public institutions.


Chairman of the Senate, Dr. Ludvik Toplak, welcomed the ICPE team which reviewed the programmes offered by Alma Mater Europaea which are all fully accredited by NAKVIS, the Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education. Both the partners expressed their keenness in intensifying cooperation in the field of development of study programs in order to achieve better standards in education and training.The partners also agreed to explore possibilities for stronger cooperation in certain management modules and in the cross-border transfer of knowledge. It was decided that Dr. Jurij Toplak, Head of European Business Studies Department and Mr. Tomaž Rogelj will formulate a plan of action. 


Alma Mater Europaea is an institution of the European Academy of Science and Arts (EASA), a network of 1700 scholars including 29 Nobel laureates. On 7th August DG, ICPE met Dr. Felix Unger, President of EASA and Alma Mater Europaeawho suggested that the students in the joint MBA programme visit their campus in Germany as well. EASA along with the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts is holding the Danube Academies Conference in Ljubljana in 2016.


From left Mr. Tomaž Rogelj Dr. Anand Asthana DG ICPE Dr. Ludvik Toplak Dr Jurij Toplak

(From left) Mr. Tomaž Rogelj, Dr. Anand Asthana, DG ICPE, Dr. Ludvik Toplak, Dr. Jurij Toplak



DG ICPE with Dr Felix Unger President European Academy of Sciences And Arts

Dr. Anand Asthana, DG, ICPE with Dr. Felix Unger, President, European Academy of Sciences And Arts

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