Official title:

Republic of Angola 






General information: 

Capital: Luanda 

Population: Approximately 32,9 million (as of 2021) 

Total area: 1,25 million km2 

Currency: Angolan kwanza (AOA) 

National holiday: Independence Day, 11th November (1975) 

Official language: Portuguese 

Recognized national languages: Portuguese, Kikongo, Chokwe, Nhaneca, Nganguela, Fiote, Kwanhama, Muhumbi, Luvale


Type of government: 

Unitary presidential republic

Honorary Consulate in Slovenia: Mr Andrej ToŇ°

Diplomatic representative: H.E. Mrs Teodolinda Rosa Rodrigues Coelho Jesus dos Reis Ferreira (Vienna)



GDP (nominal): $80,5 billion (2020 est.) 

GDP (nominal) per capita: $2,311 (2020 est.) 

GDP (PPP): $198,9 billion (2020 est.) 

GDP (PPP) per capita: $5,709 (2020 est.)

GDP (real growth rate): 4,2% (2016 est.) 

GDP per sector: 

  • Agriculture 10,8%
  • Industry 65,3%
  • Services 23,9% (2019 est.)


Agriculture products: bananas, sugarcane, coffee, sisal, corn, cotton, cassava (manioc, tapioca), tobacco, vegetables, plantains, livestock, forest products, fish


Main industries: petroleum, diamonds, iron ore, phosphates, copper, fertilizer, coffee, sisal, fish processing, food processing, textiles, cement, tabacco, tourism (potential)


Trade - Export

Exported commodities: crude oil, diamonds, refined petroleum products, sawn wood, coffee, fish, cotton

Export partners: 

  • China 60,1% of total exports
  • United States 6,8%
  • India 6,2%
  • South Africa 5,3%
  • Netherlands 4,3%
  • Spain 3,5%
  • France 3,3%
  • Portugal 2,8%
  • Canada 2,2%
  • Singapore 1,2% (2020 est.)

Trade - Import

Imported commodities: machinery and electrical equipment, vehicles and spare parts pharmaceuticals, food, iron and steel, construction materials, textiles, fuel and lubricants


Import partners: 

Portugal 18,2% of total imports

China 17,1%

South Africa 8,5%

United States 7,3%

Brazil 5,5%

United Kingdom 4,1%

Spain 3,9%

France 3,3%

United Arab Emirates 2,6%

Italy 2,5% (2020 est.)





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