Membership Procedure

Membership - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is exact procedure to join ICPE and what should be the first step? Who from the country should react and how? Who is in ICPE responsible for this issue and with whom country has to communicate it?

In accordance with the Statute of ICPE States and Intergovernmental organizations may apply to become a member of the Center if they accept the statute and assume the obligations entailed by membership, including the payment of the regular membership.

Membership formality could be initiated by forwarding a request for it, i.e. an official letter from the competent Government authority informing ICPE of its desire to become a member of the Center. No other procedures are necessary. A formal request shall be sent to the Director-General of the Center.

The assembly of the Center shall take a decision on admission of the applicant, upon the recommendation of the Council of the Center.

Membership becomes effective as soon as the applicant has deposited its instrument of ratification or acceptance or approval of membership. The government of the Republic of Slovenia is the depository of the Statute of the Center.

Observer status may be conferred on States and International organizations by the assembly of the Center upon recommendation of the Council. The assembly has also the authority to invite other observers to participate in the work of the Center.


2. What is the difference between full membership and associated membership?

The Center has an affiliate membership scheme, in order to facilitate and promote contacts and cooperation with institutions, organizations and individual enterprises.

Observers and affiliate members shall be permitted to participate in the work of the Center withoutthe right to vote.

The Center may invite any institution and organization to participate in the activities of the center on an ad hoc basis.


3.  Withdrawal from membership

Any member may withdraw from the Center one year after notifying the depository in writing of its decision to withdraw. A withdrawing member shall be obliged to pay contributions on a pro rata basis until such time as withdrawal becomes effective.

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