News 2009

ICPE Visits IIT Delhi


Department of Management Studies
ICPE Director of Projects, Mr Uroš Zver, met in Delhi with Prof. Dr. Yadav, Head of the Department of Management Studies at IIT Delhi and Prof. Dr. P.K. Jain, Modi Foundation Chair at the same department, and longtime visiting professor at the ICPE International MBA Program.


They discussed ways of improving the MBA program and reviving ICPE's publication of the Public Enterprise Journal.

Prof. Dr. P.K. Jain is the author of one of the most influential textbooks on Management Accounting, which has been brought out in its fifth edition. He will be teaching at the ICPE in December 2009.

IIT Delhi, like all other Indian Institutes of Technology, is best known for its undergraduate programs that include the Bachelor of Technology program , the Dual Degree Bachelor-cum-Master of Technology program and an Integrated Master of Technology Program. It also offers postgraduate level programs like Master of Technology, Master of Science, Master of Science (Research), Master of Business Administration, Master of Design (Industrial Design). Finally it also offers a Ph.D. program. The admission criteria for these programs is highly competitive, with admission rates around 5%.

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