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ICPE Round Table


Public Enterprises – Social Good or Evil?


ICPE is proud to present the first series of Round Table Discussions, starting on    3 December with a round table on Public Enterprises – Social Good or Evil? moderated by Mr. Mitja Meršol.

ICPE has prepared a continuous program of roundtables with leading speakers and moderators from various fields, including  science, technology, education, politics and economy. Burning issues will be discussed in an informal setting on

Thursday, 3 December at 6.00 p.m., ICPE Building, Dunajska 104, Ljubljana.

In a world of globalization driven by private interests one would assume that public enterprises have lost their meaning and position within their national economies. And yet, they continue to play their role as a major economic player, not just within certain countries, but also in a much broader international sense. In the 20th century the position of public enterprises in national economies has varied greatly; from enterprises that are just obscure players in a pool of privately held companies to large publicly held systems that have not only economical but also political influence  at home and abroad. And let’s not forget:  the global economic meltdown has profoundly changed the picture with the state being called once again to act as a protector of vital national economic interests.

What is in the scope of the current global economic situation the future of public enterprises?  What are the different models with which states run public companies? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a public ownership? Are public companies less adapted to fight within market-based economies? What is the relationship between politics and public enterprises management? How striking are problems of managerial awards in public enterprises?

Answers to these and other questions will be given in the upcoming ICPE debate with prominent experts from fields of economy and politics sharing experience of different countries including Slovenia, India and Brazil. ICPE nowadays stands for the International Center for Promotion of Enterprises, but it has started its 35 year path as an International Center for Public Enterprises with a large number of member states, among them Slovenia and India that have developed their own models of public enterprises achieving excellent results.

After the discussion, participants will be able to engage in informal conversation in a relaxing setting with coffee and pastries.


The event is free of charge.


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