News 2009

ICPE meets with Prof. Mohamed H.A. Hassan, TWAS Executive Director

ICPE Director General Dr. Šalej, met in Trieste with Prof. Mohamed H.A. Hassan, TWAS Executive Director and TWAS Programme Officer Dr. Peter McGrath.


The visit was conducted as a mission to establish cooperation with TWAS in a connection with CC-TAP project and its related ‘Green MBA’ program. The primary objective was to see how the ICPE could cooperate with TWAS in most active way to upgrade theirs and ICPE’s activities according to CC-TAP project. Prof. Hassan was keen of idea of training ‘New Generation’ for climate change issues through the Green MBA program and he ensured to promote ICPE organization and ICPE programs in his activities. There were also discussion about the courses, training programs and seminars on a climate change subject in developing countries.


The meeting made clear that the TWAS has a strong interest in long term collaboration with ICPE through joint project, upgrading the TWAS and ICPE’s activities. The meeting had concluded with an agreement about cooperation in the CC-TAP project and Green MBA program.


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