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ICPE is launching a Green MBA and the Global programme of generic eco-technologies exchange (CC TAP)

While in Copenhagen negotiations for a global climate agreement are entering its final phase the ICPE, with the support of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and in cooperation with local and international partners, is launching two new actions for the post-Copenhagen era.

As an intergovernmental organisation with its headquarter in Ljubljana and involving member states from four contents the ICPE will, in early 2010, present two international programmes from the field of climate change, which will unite the efforts of governments, enterprises, the academic and civil sphere.

Green MBA

The first programme also known as Green MBA is a new path taken within the already existing postgraduate programme of eco-technology on the Institute Jožef Štefan. The ICPE will, in cooperation with the International postgraduate school Jožef Štefan, start with the course in autumn 2010. The programme is aiming at a new generation of project managers from all over the world, particularly from developing countries, in the field of Climate Change adaptation and mitigation. The new programme will combine leading lecturers from Europe, USA, Latin America, Asia and Africa with a highly innovative and one of the most intensive curriculums.

Green MBA is enjoying wide support from organisations such as the International academy of science of developing countries, the United Nations and The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI) with its 700 researchers, lead by the Nobel Prize winner Dr Pachauri, and will make Slovenia the international centre for education in this field.


The second programme CC TAP (Climate Change Technology Advancement Programme) is designed for the building-up of a market-network for the international generic eco-technologies and knowledge exchange from the field of Climate Change adaptation and mitigation.

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