News 2009

ICPE’s Contribution to Sustainable Development

International Center for Promotion of Enterprises (ICPE) in Ljubljana has been involved in the programmes related to sustainable development, ecology and integrated coastal area management and is actively developing programmes in these areas as well as the programme related to climate change technology (CC-TAP). That will bring together clean technology businesses, academia and governments with the aim of transferring and deploying clean technologies for the benefit of Least Developed Countries (LDC) in their effort to adapt to climate change..

Within the international MBA programme of ICPE and Faculty of Economics (Ljubljana) in cooperation with the Institute Jožef Štefan (IJS), Ljubljana the module on Sustainable Development Management (SDM) has been one of the elective modules since the academic year 1999-2000. The SDM module course comprised 4 subjects viz. Integrated Coastal Area Management, Biodiversity and Environmental Health, New Materials and Clean Tech. Management and Global & Local Aspects of Sustainable Development. As a part of this capacity building efforts the CC-TAP will include a Green MBA programme focusing on adaptation and mitigation project management. One of the important activities that ICPE organized jointly with UNIDO was the conference on the pollution of the waters in the Danube river basin by tanning industries.

Integrated coastal area management programme (ICAM) started with an international conference on this subject, where the related UN agencies and the International Ocean Institute (IOI) in Malta have been intensively involved. ICPE assisted the Marine Biology Station in Piran to become one of the regional centres within the IOI network. In cooperation with University of Delaware and NATO, Scientific Division ICPE organized a transatlantic conference on policies related to integrated management of coastal areas. Currently ICPE is developing an international regional development programme where the focus will be on transport and economic cooperation in the Danube and Sava river basin on one side and on the other in the Adriatic region.

ICPE has been a lead partner in the projects on regional development with a strong sustainable development component (environment, energy, entrepreneurship, transport) in the Soča river basin as well as in the Slovene Istria.

Recently ICPE has been developing a Green MBA in cooperation with the IJS. The programme is aiming at a new generation of project managers from all over the world, particularly from LDC, in the field of Climate Change adaptation and mitigation.


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