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On 28 October 2014 Patrick Lecaque, PhD, Director, Center for International Education, Truman State University (USA), and Kevin M. Minch, PhD, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Institute for Academic Outreach, Truman State University, visited ICPE where they held talks with ICPE Acting Director General, Janez Podobnik, and other ICPE team members. The main subject of the meeting was exchanging information about the possibility of implementing common projects/programs and further develop the co-operation between ICPE, European Center for Peace and Development (ECPD) in Belgrade with the Truman State University. During the very fruitful discussions Mr. Podobnik and other members of the ICPE team presented the ICPE's activities. He informed the delegation about the planned ICPE events and expressed his wish to cooperate with the Truman State University together with ECPD for implementing on-line academic courses in the field of leadership.

The representative of the Truman State University underlined that their institution is open to cooperation and informed the ICPE team about the main goals and characteristics of the academic courses in leadership by pointing out the value of such a course for professionals in all fields of activity and the aim of the course which is envisaged to be implemented regionally, thus bringing together students from wider geographical areas. 

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