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100th Birthday celebration of Honorary President in Vienna

100th Birthday celebrations of Academician Dr. Anton Vratuša, a former politician and diplomat, who was Prime Minister of Slovenia and Yugoslavia's ambassador to the UN have been held all over Slovenia. On June 3, Dr. Vratuša was honoured in Vienna as well. H.E. Ambassador of Sri Lanka along with a greeting card presented him with a Diary for 2016 which Dr. Vratuša can use beyond his 101st birthday. Those present, including Dr. Pradeep Monga of UNIDO, Ambassador A. L. Abdul Azeez of Sri Lanka, Ambassador Blanka Jamnisek of Slovenia, Dr. Anand Asthana, DG, ICPE and Mr. Nenad Stanković, ICPE Representative in Vienna recalled the services of Dr. Vratuša to Yugoslavia, Slovenia, ICPE and the world in the cause of freedom, democracy and promotion of knowledge.

Honorary President with Dr Pradeep Monga Ambassador Abdul Azeez Ambassador Blanka Jamnisek Dr Anand Asthana And Mr Naned Stankowic

Honorary President with Dr. Pradeep Monga, Ambassador A.L.A. Azeez, Ambassador Blanka Jamnisek, Dr. Anand Asthana, And Mr. Nenad Stanković

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