News 2015

ICPE to intensify cooperation with UNIDO

Director General, ICPE during his visit to Vienna met the Director General Mr Li Yong, managing Director, Programme Development and Technical Cooperation Division Mr. Philippe Scholtès and other top officials of UNIDO to identify the areas in which the cooperation between the two institutions could be increased. With the help of UNIDO, ICPE will function as a knowledge hub through which South-South co-operation and exchange of best practices could be achieved. Since energy poverty is a major issue in member countries of ICPE, it was proposed to organise a large-scale conference in 2017 on this issue which will be supported by UNIDO. ICPE will also undertake joint research programmes with UNIDO.


DG ICPE with Mr Li Yong Director General UNIDO


DG, ICPE with Mr Li Yong, Director General, UNIDO



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