Public Enterprise, 2022, Issue 26., Vol.1, Article 4


Measuring Energy efficiency in public enterprise: The case of Agribusiness


Victoria C. M. P. Bou
Independent researcher, Australia


Public sector enterprises claim to be more socially conscious than their counterparts in the
private sector. Often it is touted as the main justification for their existence. Public sector has
taken a lead in enhancing energy efficiency not just for profitability but also for environmental
concerns. Measurement of energy efficiency, however, presents a plethora of challenges.
Adding on of social concerns to environmental challenges has widened the scope of
sustainability beyond a buzzword. Recent advances in Data envelopment analysis show how
measurement can be done reliably.

KEYWORDS: Energy efficiency, sustainability, technical efficiency, allocative efficiency


Reference to this paper should be made as follows: Bou, V. C. M. P. (2022). Measuring Energy efficiency in public enterprise: The case of Agribusiness. Public Enterprise, 26(1), 53-59.

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